Your Jewelry Box Could Help You Ride Out The Pandemic

As the COVID pandemic continues, some people are continuing to hurt from a financial standpoint, and perhaps you are one of them. Whether you've had issues holding onto a job or finding a new one, you might be looking for any kind of boost you can give to your bottom line in order to ensure financial security for your family. The government has provided some assistance in this regard, but these payouts may soon go away and will certainly not last forever.

5 Indicators Of A Modern Engagement Or Wedding Ring Style

Do you want a modern engagement or wedding ring? One key to identifying what makes a ring style modern or not, is knowing the hallmarks of modern ring taste. To help you identify these, here are five things to look for.  1. Surprises. Unexpected decorative features catch the eye and break the old rules. This could be anything from asymmetry to a surprising rotation in the positioning of the gem. Surprises indicate that the design isn't hampered by the past and traditions.

Preparing Coins For Sale To A Dealer

Coin dealers know their metals, dates, and history, and watching them evaluate a pile of coins that a customer wants to sell for cash can be really interesting. It helps to prepare the coins ahead of time if you want to sell some because that gives the coin dealer more time to concentrate on the coins instead of preparing them themselves. Preparation isn't extensive, and unless you have a lot of coins, it won't take you long to do this.