5 Things To Consider When Choosing Diamond Earrings For Your Child

A pair of diamond earrings is a child's first accessory. While you want to choose a stylish earring, you also want to protect your child's safety. From piercing to choosing a pair of diamond earrings for your young child, here are some of the things you should look out for: 1. Piercing Age The age at which a parent decides to pierce their child's ears is a personal decision. However, some suggest that's it's wise to wait until the child has received their 4-month vaccinations.

Buying Designer Jewelry For Your Partner? Find Out How To Choose The Perfect Piece

Do you want to purchase a meaningful gift for your partner? If you know that she likes wearing jewelry, you could choose from assorted designer pieces that would look fabulous on her with anything she wears, such as a dress, pantsuit, or even a t-shirt and leggings. With plenty of designer pieces sold in jewelry stores, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the options. If you take your time and look through the available pieces, you can find designer jewelry that looks amazing.

Purchasing Diamond Jewelry: 3 Tips

Whether you're hoping to get a pair of earrings, necklace or engagement ring, it's likely that you'll be thinking of diamonds when you're ready to shop. Diamonds are not only popular but well-loved, and there are hundreds of options if you're keen to get jewelry with such a beautiful stone. However, if you're not regularly shopping for diamonds, you could be a little out of your depth. To spend well and feel happy with the jewelry you eventually buy, consider these diamond-related tips.

Are You Looking For A Unique Piece Of Jewelry For Your Wife?

Is there a special reason you are shopping for jewelry for your wife? Perhaps she has a birthday coming up, or maybe it will be your anniversary soon. No matter the occasion, do you already have a plan of action? If so, happy shopping to you!  On the other hand, maybe you need some ideas for what to buy your wife. From shopping for antique jewelry to arranging for antique jewelry services, here are some ideas that might help you.

Why Should You Buy Crystal Birthstone Jewelry As A Gift?

The sparkle of a crystal can create an eye-catching display when worn as jewelry. Rondelle crystals, in particular, are eye-catching because the round, flattened crystals have faceted ends that are designed to capture the light and intensify the color of the stones.  Why are rondelle crystals actually a superior choice to natural stones? Because crystal is man-made, it's often possible to get colors that exceed the beauty and fire you can find in natural stones—which may actually look dull and unflattering by comparison.